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FH 6.26

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  • Lift Capacity | 2600kg
  • Telehandler | Small Range
  • Lift Height | 6m

Compact and versatile this is a great general purpose telehandler with low centre gravity giving you good stability. The Euro hitch offers flexibility with buckets and other attachments.

All the specifications for the FH6.26 and comparisons.

Dimensions (mm) 6.26
Height 1935
Width 1890
Gauge 1550
Ground clearance 220
Front overhang 990
Pitch 2525
Rear overhang 520
Length without tow hitch 4035
Length with tow hitch 4198
Cabin width 960
Maximum total unladen weight (kg) 4700
Number of extracting sections 1
Max capacity (kg) 2600
Max Lifting height (m) 6
Max horizontal boom extension (m) 3.1
Boom extension at max height (m) 0.3
Swinging angle of forks (°) 155
Hydrualic oil tank (l) 80
Diesel oil tank (L) 70
Hitch Euro
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Engine (kW/HP) Yanmar 52 KW IIIB Yanmar 52 KW IIIB
Joystick Mechanical electro-proportional Mechanical electro-proportional
Service pump (l/min) Gears 70@200 bar Gears 70@200 bar
Display Multi-purpose Multi-purpose
Queen Cab cabin standard standard
Front and rear LED lights standard standard
Manual 6-way diverter standard standard
Rear hydraulic connection with dual electro proportional effect optional standard
Rear trailer lights sockets optional standard
Engine water pre-heating optional standard
Air conditioning standard standard
Hydraulic trailer brakes optional optional
Pneumatic trailer brakes optional optional
Boom suspension optional optional
Floating boom optional optional
Electric 6-way diverter with PEB optional optional
Rear trailer lights socket optional optional
Engine water pre-heating optional optional
Quick coupling standard standard
Electric 6-way diverter with PEB optional optional
PEB optional optional
Reversing fan standard optional
Wheels 12-16.5 optional optional
Wheels 12.5-18 standard standard
Creeper optional optional
Front constant flow optional optional
Shovel mode optional optional
Radio optional optional