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6.26 CLASSIC 52

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  • Lift Capacity | 2600kg
  • Telehandler | Small Range
  • Lift Height | 6m

The Small Range 6.26 telescopic handler is the most versatile model when you’re in situations with little room to move or the job site has limited physical space. The 6.26 is just 1.93m in height and with a very narrow width of 2.0m it’s the ideal little big machine. And the Yanmar 70 HP engine guarantees all the power you will need for all of your handling operations.

Configuration Classic
Engine (kW/HP) Yanmar 52kW IIIA
Transmission Hdyrostatic
Service Pump (l/min) Gears 70@200 bar
Joystick Mechanical electro-proportional
Display Multi-purpose
Queen Cab cabin Standard
Front & Rear LED Work Lights Standard
Manual 6-way diverter Standard
Rear hydraulic connection with optional dual electro-proportional effect
Rear trailer lights socket Optional
Engine water pre-heating Optional
Air conditioning Standard
Hydraulic trailer brakes Optional
Pneumatic trailer brakes Optional
Boom suspension Optional
Floating boom Optional
Electric 6-way diverter with PEB Optional
PEB Optional
Reversing Fan Optional
Wheels 12-16.5 Optional
Wheels 12.5-18 Standard
Front constant flow Optional
Shovel mode Optional
Radio Optional